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1.Mikel Oyarzabal's 13th minute goal gave the Spaniards the win that means they have seven points from their opening three matches in the competition after previously drawing in Germany and beating the Ukraine (who they play again on Tuesday).。
2.After the loss, Tianjin, Hebei and Wuhan remained the last three teams on the table; they have not won a game since the season started.。
3.Last month, Jepchirchir shattered the world record at the Prague Half Marathon with 1:05:34 to wrestle the title from Netsanet Gudeta of Ethiopia, who had held the record since 2018.。
4.TOKYO, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- World Athletics President Sebastian Coe said here on Thursday that Tokyo will host a fantastic Olympic Games despite the uncertainties amid the COVID-19 pandemic.。
5.BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Lionel Messi converted a first-half penalty as Argentina beat Ecuador 1-0 in their opening South American zone World Cup qualifier on Thursday.。
6.Argentina will face Ecuador at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires on Thursday and Bolivia in La Paz next Tuesday.。


1.CHENGDU, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Zhejiang rallied past Hebei 100-80 and Shaanxi overwhelmed Daqing 110-44 in the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) here on Sunday.。
2.However, Kuusk's teammate Rauno Sappinen scored on 33 minutes and 61 minutes, which was followed by a penalty by Frank Liivak, lifting the hosts to 3-1 up.。
3."The win was not just about me, but my girls' persistence and unswerving will," Ji noted.。
4.The 21-year-old Kenin, by contrast, has escaped some tough battles en route to Saturday's showdown as four of her six matches have been decided in the third set and in two matches she had to fight from one set down.。
5.After a goalless first period, the flood gates opened wide in the second in which Poprad scored five times.。
6.Valverde has become indispensable for Real Madrid this season, starting in three of the team's four La Liga matches and blossoming in a box-to-box role.。


1.All eight WNBL teams will relocate to the northeastern state, while players and officials from areas identified as COVID-19 hotspots will arrive in Brisbane for a 14-day quarantine period before heading further north.。
2.After the loss, Tianjin, Hebei and Wuhan remained the last three teams on the table; they have not won a game since the season started.。
3."It was a tough match. We didn't play at our level in the first quarter, but changed our tactics into zone defense from the second quarter," Shanxi coach Li Ge commented.。
4."I was expecting another level of play, something else, but it's normal. We haven't played for a year," the six-time Ballon d'Or winner said. "It's the anxiety of the first game. The important thing is to keep growing as we have done since the [2019] Copa America.。
5."We executed everything that we prepared as regards to defense except that we still struggled with defensive rebounds. In the second half, we didn't adjust properly to their zone defense," said Shandong coach Luka Sjekloca. Enditem。
6.The fixture will be played in Austria on November 14 at a yet-to-be confirmed venue, the Mexican Football Federation said in a statement on Sunday.。


1、"In less than three minutes, you can complete a set of minimalist Tai Chi to help you meditate and reduce stress at home."。
2、In the previous Group F matches, Rwanda was beaten by Mozambique and Cameroon by 2-0 and 1-0 respectively.。
3、RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar is a doubt for Brazil's opening 2022 World Cup qualifier against Bolivia because of a back problem, the Selecao team's doctor Rodrigo Lasmar said on Wednesday.。
4、"However, in order to attract more to this sport, we arrange four players a team with a woman in each. The more people take part in, the better beach volleyball is popularized, and that's where the success of a sport lies in," said Liu.。
5、Daqing showed their great defense as they forced Tianjin to shoot just 27 of 78. Daqing player-coach Ji Yanyan was unstoppable, notching a game-high 43 points, also becoming the league's all-time leading scorer in the process.。


Tianjin fought a close game for almost three quarters, but Beijing pulled away late in the third before outscoring Tianjin 29-16 in the final 10 minutes.!


  • 灭绝 10-30

    Trailing by seven points early in the last quarter, Henan improved its performance on both ends to complete a comeback.

  • 倾国 10-29

    Argentina's next qualifier will be against Bolivia in La Paz next Tuesday. Enditem

  • 弱有 10-28

    "I didn't intend to cry. But these players were quite emotional, as nobody had won the game through overtime before. After seeing them, I could not help from crying on my own," Ji said.

  • 坛升 10-27

    "It was a very hard and equally balanced match. The initial tie was fair and then we got lucky in the penalty lottery," said Slovakia captain Marek Hamsik afterwards.

  • 下缓 10-26

    The Liverpool forward struck again just after the interval when he slotted a close-range shot past Carlos Lampe following Neymar's slide-rule pass.

  • 读抓 10-25

    "People around felt tired of shooting, but I love it," she said.

  • 较暗 10-24

    "We tightened up defense on their three-pointers from the second quarter, also improving our offense down the stretch," Henan coach Li Jianxin reflected.

  • 完整 10-23

    "I was not aware of how I fitted into the new position," she admitted. "It was only two months away from the league's kick-off. I had to train myself, and layout tactics for players at the same time."

  • 紫小 10-22

    Under the document from California Department of Public Health, all private gatherings must limit the number of attendees and are required to be held outside. Moreover, the host of any gathering has to "collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later."

  • 小姐 10-21

    The fixture will be played in Austria on November 14 at a yet-to-be confirmed venue, the Mexican Football Federation said in a statement on Sunday.

  • 姐半 10-20

    He carried that form into Brazil's opening 2022 World Cup qualifier against Bolivia on Friday, scoring a goal and providing the cross that led to an own goal from the visitors as the Selecao cruised to a 5-0 win in Sao Paulo.

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